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We have created a unique blend of traditional individualized patient centered care with the most sophisticated use of digital technologies. This allow us to provide for our patients an intimate environment and care in which the techniques used give you a higher and better level of treatment.

Our very experienced staff is dedicated to prevention and all scopes of dental care that are needed by the wide range of our patient's ages.
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Incorporating Digital Dentistry we can practice safer and more conservative dental care.

  • There is less radiation needed and the ability to conserve more tooth structure.
  • Less drilling is required or none at all using lasers.
  • Allow us to restore your tooth with highly esthetic and very strong ceramic restorations (fillings, crowns, partial crowns & veneers).
  • Digital imaging does away with old fashion impressions, which are uncomfortable and less accurate.
  • We are able to keep more of your natural tooth structure this way when repairing a tooth that has been decayed or fractured.
  • Imagine a result that is stronger and beautiful.
  • We can conserve your time as well, because there isn't a need for temporary fillings or crowns and a follow up visit with more anesthetic. In one visit your tooth will feel and look brand new again.
These technologies are also very environmentally friendly. It eliminates wasteful use of plastics, chemicals, plaster models, adhesives, paper and fuel.

We are also dedicated especially to the needs of developing children. Using state of the art prevention and early orthodontic need detection we can provide excellent pediatric dental care
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