Family Dentistry

For me and my staff, it is a truly rewarding experience to care for so many multigenerational families. Our patients are a part of our lives. So often patients show us pictures of their new grandchildren, that will become our new patients soon, after years of treating their own kids. We all share in the joy of seeing our college students home for the holidays and their dental visit. We have known these patients since they were very young.
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Office Staff

The office staffs — family dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY
Our staff has been together for many years. They are like family together as well as with the patients.
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A lot of the new patients that are coming to our office are commonly the aging parents of our existing adult patients. They are turned on by our treatment styles.

There are many techniques that can be used to " hold on " to an existing dentition and keep treatment costs reasonable.

There may be a program to maintain the gum and bone tissues around weak teeth or splinting these teeth to stronger adjacent ones.

Implant dentistry can provide more chewing areas that were either just lost or missing for many years.
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