Snoring & Night Guard Appliances

Chronic Snoring can lead to:
  • Breathing Pauses
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Heart Attack
Research has shown that a jaw supporter comfortably keeps the lower jaw in an upward/forward position which increase s the space in the airway and eliminates or greatly reduces snoring.
Snoring while sleeping — SNORING & NIGHT GUARD APPLIANCES in Yorktown Heights, NY
night guard — snoring appliances in Yorktown Heights, NY
There has been a new level of awareness regarding the way people hold their teeth together and also, the manner in which they breath and swallow.

With simple plastic retainer-like devices, we can help intercept bad or detrimental forces that people sometimes places on their teeth . Many people clench or grind their teeth which can result in headaches, TMJ, and facial pain. Some people break teeth or excessively wear them down.

Snoring and poor sleep time breathing are recognized medical problems that can lead to more complications. We can help solve many of these issues with fabricating simple, easy to wear appliances, so that there can be peace in the bedroom and healthier breathing for many of us.
Open airways — snoring appliances in Yorktown Heights, NY
The walls of the throat start to vibrate which interrupts and prevents a deep restful sleep.
Open airways — snoring appliances in Yorktown Heights, NY
A retainer-like appliance can hold your lower jaw to keep your airways open during sleep.