Cerec Dentistry

Digital dentistry has been such a leap forward in restoring the strength, longevity and beauty of teeth.

The experience as a patient is now profoundly better than the "old way." So many uncomfortable steps are eliminated and better treatment can be done with fewer office visits.
Dental machines — cerec dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY
modern machine — cerec dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY
Impressions, or molds, and temporaries are no longer necessary. Now we use a small digital camera and repair your tooth in one simple appointment.

Whether renewing a tooth with a large cavity or one with old breaking down fillings, more of the natural tooth is conserved instead of the usual laboratory made crown(cap). There are no unsightly metals involved and teeth can be made stronger using state of the art bonding procedures. Old crowns that need replacement can be taken care of the same way. This technology is also very environmentally friendly. It eliminates wasteful use of plastics, chemicals, lead, plaster models, adhesives, paper and fuel.
veneer — cerec dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY

Veneer - Perfect looks, perfect fit make a wonderful ,natural smile - all in only one appointment.


After decay and old filling material is removed the individually manufactured ceramic will be fitted exactly.
decayed teeth — cerec dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY