Pediatric Dentistry

We are especially dedicated to the needs of developing children, both from a psychological and dental perspective.

Our approach is to have children feel that our office is a safe and welcoming environment for their entire family. By incorporating most visits with their other family members, children gain a strong sense of trust and feel nurtured.
Doll Doctor — pediatric dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY

Kid Friendly Office

Happy kid and the doctor — kid friendly office in Yorktown Heights, NY
Every trip to Dr. Kahn's office brings your child to a trip to Kahn's Treasure Chest.

We encourage and teach each child how to take care of their teeth, not for just now but, for a lifetime of oral rewards!

Our young patients actually look forward to coming and “hanging out” at the office.

With decades of treating pediatric patients, we understand the various needs that our young people have, and how to treat them, from:

  • Taking care of their cavities
  • Space maintenance
  • Early orthodontic therapies
  • Preventative sealants
  • Mouth guards and retainers

We are focused on helping them prevent dental disease from developing in the first place.
Doctor with doll doctor — pediatric dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY